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Fake It ‘Til You Make It by Rovina Cai

What one loses in free champagne, one gains in rooftop jazz. #montreal



For millennia, cultures around the world have celebrated the origin myth of of a giant animal—such as a turtle or elephant—supporting the world on its back. Beijing-based artist Ruilin Wang reinterprets that image in DREAMS-ark, an evocative series of large-scale sculptures that depict whales carrying entire landscapes on their backs.


The river v. the minions #montreal #lachinecanal

#lachinecanal #montreal

Scratchtopia, Mont Royal

Take a strip of film and hack at it with a chisel. Once satisfied, smash the colors of the wind onto it with markers. Take pictures with fancy camera thing. Voilà! One second of a parallel universe comes into being.

Update CV to include brief stint as animated filmmaker…clarify at job interview that you are not excitable. 

#unicornfarm #ufphoto #photography #montreal

Camions de bouffe, Mont Royal

Beigne-Burger: grilled onions, cheese, a beef patty, and lemon mayonnaise in the death grip of two chipotle donuts. 

Followed by tarte au citron on-a-stick. But first we had to get past the…the uh…um…

#unicornfarm #ufphotos #photography #food #montreal

St. Viateur Bagel, Mont Royal

First taste of the infamous Montréal bagel. Denser, flatter, sweeter …tastier? Can’t I love all bagels equally?

#unicornfarm #montreal #food #photography #ufphoto


A solitary fisherman’s home keeps watch on quiet Placentia Bay in Newfoundland, Canada, 1974.Photograph by Sam Abell, National Geographic Creative


South African artist Faith47 was recently in Los Angeles, where she completed The Preciousness of the Hunta beautiful, large-scale mural of graceful swans in motion.


bird wars:

Lappet Faced Vulture vs. Secretary Bird


Skylight. Bob Crowley.

Wyndham’s Theatre.

Blue skies, blue waters, blue boats

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Mourning by Jake Giddens

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The ‘Dissected Cake’ made by the cake artists at the Conjurer’s Kitchen