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Mourning by Jake Giddens

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The ‘Dissected Cake’ made by the cake artists at the Conjurer’s Kitchen

All scratch and no sniff. #scratchtopia #montreal

#scratchtopia #montreal


So cute

Waiter, there’s an eyeball in my poutine. #montreal #poutinedoesntneedyourapproval

#poutinedoesntneedyourapproval #montreal




Ricardo Solis

"In the end,
we will all bleed the same.
We will all fall
to our knees in the same
crumpled movements,
without grace,
without permission.
To forget this
is to forget humanity.
Be kind."
- Michelle K., Bullying. (via michellekpoems)


"Blow Out the Candle" game, often played on Halloween around the turn of the 20th century (via)


The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)


The Immortal Jellyfish

Start of something new. #montreal

"What is significant about fan fiction is that it often spins the kind of stories that showrunners wouldn’t think to tell, because fanficcers often come from a different demographic. The discomfort seems to be not that the shows are being reinterpreted by fans, but that they are being reinterpreted by the wrong sorts of fans - women, people of colour, queer kids, horny teenagers, people who are not professional writers, people who actually care about continuity (sorry). The proper way for cultural mythmaking to progress, it is implied, is for privileged men to recreate the works of privileged men from previous generations whilst everyone else listens quietly."