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Bob Ekstein draws the endangered bookstores of NYC. Couple with Robert Dawson’s photographic love letter to public libraries, then revisit Julia Rothman’s illustrated love letter to NYC.

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The Lineup

Mont Royal, Montreal.
September 2014

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Planetarium, Montreal
September 2014

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Paris, France 
September 2013

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figma The Thinker

Famous sculpture originally created by Auguste Rodin is now available as an action figure:

'The Table Museum' is a series of figma figures based on famous works of art that almost anyone will recognize! The first in the series is the classic sculpture by Auguste Rodin - The Thinker!

The Thinker was originally a centerpiece of a sculptural group work called ‘The Gates of Hell’, but now the silent, pondering sculpture can be found in textbooks around the world. The figma version is of course articulated, so while you can pose the classic ‘Thinker’ pose, you can also place him in a variety of different poses to bring out a completely different charm to the work of art!

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Jason deCaires Taylor recently installed Ocean Atlas, a huge underwater sculpture depicting young local girl holding up the ceiling of the ocean, off the coast of Nassua in the Bahamas. Constructed using sustainable pH neutral materials, the colossal piece is meant to serve as an artificial reef for marine life.

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And it was all yellow.

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The Encounter

Biodome, Montreal
September 2014

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reciting monologues and poems like
yeah this was meant for a man but it doesn’t belong to man
i can be richard the second
richard the third
richard the thirty-fifth and a half
this was meant for a man with an island in his eye,
but he is long dead and, well,
finders keepers.

i am the king who would have slain me on sight,
speak the words of the bard who would have barred me from his stage,
feel the pain of he who causes mine,
and i will squeeze until it shines.
- Katherine Chou
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Mont Royal, Montreal
September 2014

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the reviews say “gritty realism” but the heart whispers “suburban straight boy libertarian fantasy with a limited color palette”

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"Young turkey. May have parts missing."
Montreal, October 2014.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Things to be grateful for: successfully refraining from stamping the walls with hand turkeys and cooking our first turkey without burning the house down. 

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Preserving Tradition in Japan

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A sled dog, tied to a whale rib, howls under the midnight sun in Alaska, 1969.Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie, National Geographic Creative

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